Business Impact of Foresight

A study of over 300 multinational companies found that companies who are the most future prepared are 44% more likely to be outperformers in their markets

From the School of Business & Social Sciences, Aarhus University (2018)

Examples of notable companies that use corporate foresight and have been studied by academics:

Example of organizations that have issued job postings for foresight positions:

  • Arup: Senior Foresight Strategist
  • Toyota: Foresight and Trends Senior Analyst
  • Disney: Consumer Foresight Sr. Analyst
  • Facebook: Foresight Strategist
  • National University of Singapore: Strategist/Foresight Practitioner

Take a look at more job descriptions here

Foresight for Gov’t Diplomacy to New Products

Destino Colombia


Tools: Foresight Workshop, Scenario Planning

Adam Kahane of Reos Partners organized a series of futures scenario workshops called “Destino Colombia.” It brought together politicians, guerillas, military officers, journalists, business people and more to explore what was happening to their country and where it could go.

Former Colombian president and Noble Peace Prize Winner Juan Manuel Santos said Adam Kahane’s workshops were “one of the most significant events in the country’s search for peace.”

Nordic Cities Beyond Digital Disruption: A Novel Way to Develop Cities


Tools: Backcasting, Scenario Workshops

Over two years, the Centre for Sustainable Communications at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Demos Helsinki and 12 Nordic cities, companies and universities worked together to explore how urban life can be imporved using new services and technologies. The report summerizes the learnings, models, and potential scenarios developed through the collaboration.

Towards Personalized Gastronomy: Basque 2050


Tools: Futures Game, Systems Mapping

The Basque Culinary Center’s Project Gastronomía brought together scientists, business leaders, and experts from various field to discuss the future of food in the Basque Country in the year 2050.

Experts used Project Gastronomía’s futures game to help discuss the food system and explore potential futures in a systems-based way. The resulting report was co-written by Daniel Riveong of Plural Futures.