What is Plural Futures?

Plural Futures is a foresight project by Daniel Riveong to help bring awareness and educate organizations, decision makers, and the wider public understand and use strategic foresight in innovation, risk management, and strategy.

Who is Daniel Riveong?

Daniel is a Futures and Foresight Practitioner based in San Sebastian, Spain with a focus on Future of Food and Post-Capitalism and using non-dominant (non-Western) and participatory futures methods. He is the Futures and Foresight Capability Lead at NGFP at the School of International Futures (SOIF). See more here

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>> Non-Dominant Futures Methodologies
>> Participatory Futures

Who Uses Foresight?

Strategic Foresight has its root in military planning, government planning, and the energy industry. Today, foresight tools are used by a diverse range of organizations.

Organizations with foresight capabilities include: international consultancies (Deloitte), urban design (Arup), and international organizations (UN).

See a sample of some of foresight & futurist jobs posted by international organizations.

Better Performance

A study of over 300 multinational companies found that companies who are the most future prepared are 44% more likely to be outperformers in their markets

Holistic Innovation

Foresight's systems-based approach to looking at strategy is the expandable framework that works with design thinking, blue ocean strategy, and other innovation-focused approaches.

Robust Strategies

From Royal Dutch Shell to Climate Change planning, foresight has been used to create robust strategies that non-linear strategies that are resilient to uncertainty and risk.

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Why "Plural" and "Futures"

Open Visions, Opens Innovation

Plural Futures acknowledges that the present is plural. Depending on your gender, class, geography, or cultural heritage, the present and your future is different. When thinking strategically about the future – both its opportunities and risk – these difference voices are critical to ensure we have a robust exploring of possibilities and new innovations.

The future is already colonized. Googling the “future” brings up images of robots, soaring skyscrapers, and humanoid robots. But by exploring the plurality of possibilities, new disruptive ways of thinking of the future and progress open-up.

We are all involved in the futures creating process. Plural Futures seeks to go beyond the voices at technology or design conferences, but bring in perspectives of change and the future from marginalized or otherwise uncommonly heard voices.

We're Just Getting Started

We plan on continually updating and adding new content.

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