Who is Plural Futures

Plural Futures is a personal project by me (Hi!), Daniel Riveong. I hope Plural Futures helps educate aspiring practitioners on futures methodologies and alternative images of the future.

I am the co-founder of Participatory Futures Global Swarm, a collective of futurists, practitioners, and innovators created to support the participatory futures community. I am also the operations manager and researcher at the School of International Futures, which brings together policy strategy and futures thinking.

I have worked with innovation and futures-focused organizations such as Tandemic (Malaysia) and Action Foresight (Australia). I have been in projects with a range of organizations such as UNICEF, International Civil Society Centre, Nesta, Basque Culinary Center, and Forum for the Future. I have also facilitated workshops and talks at Marel (Iceland), TechFest  (Denmark), Asian Pacific Futures Network (Bangkok), Futur/io (France and Italy), and many others.

My main interests are in the future of food, the future of higher education, and images of post-capitalist futures. I have been twice recognized by the Association of Professional Futurists: in 2019 for my work in the future of food and in 2018 as an Emerging Fellow.

Before my foresight career, I spent over 15 years in digital marketing. I was the Asia region manager for estorm International, a consultancy headquartered in San Francisco, working with brands like Kering Group, Western Union, and National University (California).  More recently, I helped launch a data science training program in Jakarta.

I have an MS in Foresight from the University of Houston and a BA in International Relations from SFSU. As a continual learner, I have earned certificates in risk management, blue ocean strategy, design thinking, group leadership, and more.

I am a member of the Association of Professional Futurists, where I am part of their Competency Model and Use Case task forces.

Contribute & Grow Plural Futures

If you have any articles, case studies, speculative fiction or any other futures-related work you think the wider public needs to know more, please send it over!

I can’t post everything you can share yet. As the website evolves, I hope it’ll expand and become a community driven project.


Plans for Plural Future!


  • Purpose-Specific toolkits
  • Webinars
  • Primers for Decision Makers
  • Case studies to share
  • Foresight graphics to share
  • Translations to Indonesian and other languages


Funding and Time & Talent for

  • Content writing
  • Proofreading
  • Designing presentations & documentions
  • Graphic Design
  • Stock photos
  • GDPR compliance
  • Technical: Server cost, Webinar software, etc

Know how to help?
Please reach out to me at Daniel@PluralFutures.com